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Alternative Policy
14 February 2013 - Pedlars Act amendments as Third Option PDF Print E-mail



BREAKING NEWS 16 Octobert 2014 Ministerial Statement - GOOD POLICY wins over BAD POLICY - read more

The case for amending the Pedlars Act as the only "national" solution

Pedlar's propose a "Third Option" to resolve all anomalies in Street Trading & Pedlary Law


Government is “consulting” on Street Trading & Pedlary Law to implement national legislation and end 15 years of piecemeal local legislation. The department for business BIS has considered 2 policy options – Option 1 “do nothing” &Option 2 “repeal the Pedlars Act" but has failed to present Option 3 "to amend the Pedlars Act".

BIS is pursuing Option 2 to include restrictive regulation on pedlars within local street trading law. It is claimed that repeal fulfils the terms of the European Services Directive that aims to remove all barriers to free trade. The government’s draft legislation will infringe the European directive by introducing regulation to the existing free trade of pedlary by another route . The government's choice is to use a Statutory Instrument following repeal of the Pedlars Act to amend the exemption for pedlary from Street Trading regulation within the adoptive Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 LG(MP)A Schedule 4. The effect on the 315 year old civil liberty of pedlary will give disproportionate powers to local authorities to bring criminal prosecution for perceived offences.


10 February 2013 - Government BIS pedlar policy scrutiny PDF Print E-mail


HMG BIS is seeking to repeal the cultural identity and profession of pedlary.



Any person above 17 can apply for a Pedlars Certificate costing £12.25 per year.

The common law of pedlary has existed forever and was enshrined into Statute in 1697, updated in 1871 & 1881.

A pedlar has complete discretion to act within national law as a pedestrian trader whose self-employed economic activity is by private contract with the public. Pedlary is exempt from local council street trading regulation designed primarily for licensed static trading pitches that cause public safety issues like obstruction of the highway. Pedlars are mobile, can move and that is why they are not regulated.

Since 2007 government has been consulting to formulate updated legislation and whereas amending the Pedlars Act was the intention, pedlars are now confronted with URN12/605 & 606 with a new policy to repeal the Pedlars Act and provide criminal sanctions under local authority street trading regulation.

23 November 2012 - HMG declares WAR on centuries old Common Law PDF Print E-mail


You may not have realised that all persons above 17 have a common law right that became a statutory right in 1697.

For 315 years the Crown through its authority vested in Magistrates and handed to police has allowed for an application based on good intention and honesty to be granted a certificate to trade on foot throughout the United Kingdom.

This certificate known as the "Pedlars Certificate" describes many trading  "or other" activities allowed in law and these are free from being controlled by the 1982 "Miscellaneous Provisions" street trading regulation set to limit trade to only some few Local Authority static pitches. These pitches are subject to licence conditions whereas pedlars are exempt from this sort of control. This has aggravated some local authorities so much that they have spent huge sums of their charge-payer's money on complicated extra law which when given review at the High Court is likely to be found unjusticiable and add yet further cost to Local Authorities.



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