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6 November 2013 - Stakeholder meeting at BIS PDF Print E-mail


Subject:     preparation of agenda for pedlar meeting with BIS
From:     Pedlars Admin < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >;
Date:     6 November 2013 11:34:02 GMT
To:     nic mcGerr [redacted];


Dear Mr McGerr

Pedlar stakeholder meeting at BIS

Thank you for updating concerning your MP's progress towards a meeting with BIS.
It is of great concern that the newly appointed contact Paul Bland at BIS for the consultation into reforming street trading regulation and pedlary has adopted his predecessors policy to ignore all communications even to the extent of avoiding telephone contact.
Pedlars outlined four very serious principle issues/concerns to BIS last week.


Pedlars do not consider it appropriate to meet without a formal agenda.
Pedlars have lost all confidence and trust in CCP operatives.
Pedlars will therefore only rely on the SoS directing that there be formed a Working Group to discuss and consider pedlars draft amendments to the Pedlars Act.
That those in attendance are not simply there to achieve the backcasted outcome of URN12/605&606.
That those in attendance are competent to engage in positively progressing the Third Option.
That any textual anomalies be candidly discussed with time taken to jointly develop further amendments.
That pedlars preferred outcome to consult more widely on the Third Option be implemented by BIS or mandated to the Home Office.
That reform of street trading regulation be separated as a matter of principle from public consultation about pedlary.


A relevant reference document for MP's came to the attention of pedlars only last week as not fit for purpose and pedlars informed Paul Bland to anticipate a rebuttal.
This rebuttal is now published online to download copy for your MP to pass on to the SoS.


Pedlars understand that an initial meeting with the SoS about incompatible principles may be required to justify the need for a Working Group.
We are willing and waiting with preferred dates week 48 or 49 to prepare an agenda.


Robert Campbell-Lloyd



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