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Many fellow pedlars have written to thank us and some have asked how they can contribute to support our voluntary efforts. While our intent is to make information freely available, we do have expenses and welcome any support. Thanks!



22 Nov 2009 Update on Case Law PDF Print E-mail has produced a 5 page document that we recommend you carry whenever trading. If you find that enforcement officers try to confuse, intimidate or harrass you with their opinion about legislation then we suggest you hand them a copy of these pages which explain the following -

  1. a list of 17 points citing reference to 11 precedents in Case Law
  2. definitions language and glossary
  3. comparison chart between Certified and Licensed traders
  4. comparison chart between pedlars and hawkers
  5. checklist to determine if trader's actions are those of a pedlar

If you consider they are not well informed then ask that they read the information pack, speak to their superior and then return with any hard copy of legislation that clearly states anthing different to the information pack. If they do return then be sure you make notes about what happens next, the name/number of the officer and what is said to you.

Send us a copy of any document handed to you for opinion.

click to download 6 page .pdf





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Advice on Court Hearings

Pedlars are advised to Appeal any and all convictions - ask for help

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