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Pedlars launched this website in 2007 dedicated to not-for-profit publishing of information, resources and communications about pedlary. It provides a resource centre for all concerned with pedlary.

It regularly provides updates to its readership and recognises severe limitations for those pedlars who neither read nor write because pedlary for them remains an oral tradition.

The several researchers at prepare contributions and articles in response to issues arising whilst acknowledging the fundamental principle of pedlary being 'individual' unfettered by any membership or organisation claiming to be the voice of pedlars.

Articles are assembled chronologically and content must be considered within historic context.

The audio visual images on the right hand margin are live links to interviews and videos.

Errors and Omissions are inevitable and we welcome contributions that correct or challenge any text.


What is a Pedlar?

A pedlar is a self-regulated certificated pedestrian service provider that travels and trades within any part of the United Kingdom, carrying to sell or exposing for sale any goods. The Pedlars Act 1871/1881 protects the bearer's civil liberty to freely trade in public under the authority of a Pedlar's Certificate.

The Principle of the Pedlars Act

The Principle of the Pedlars Act provides common law privilege to an eligible pedestrian person to trade with complete freedom based on a simple private contract within any part of the United Kingdom.

How to apply for a Pedlar's Certificate

A Pedlar's Certificate is a document granted by the Commissioner of Police. The Certificate is valid for 1 year and applies throughout the United Kingdom. An applicant must be above 17 years of age, has residence in the local police district for one month prior to application, be of good character and intends in good faith to act as a pedlar. An Application Form is available gratis at an applicant's local police station. A Pedlar's Certificate costs £12.25 per annum.

Acting as a Pedlar

A pedlar may trade privately at the door of a person's house or in a public street, market or fair. Trading by a person within conditions of a Pedlars Certificate is not Street Trading for the purposes of local Street Trading regulation according to Local Authority licences or consents issued for static street trading pitches within allocated spaces. A pedlar's means of trading must be mobile and movable so as not to cause obstruction or public liability on the highway. A pedlar may use a pedestrian scale mobile device to carry and display goods. A pedlars is also described as a hawker amongst other descriptions. A pedlar is entitled to remain static whilst serving customers. Although it is not 'necessary' to carry a certificate to trade foodstuffs nothing prohibits obtaining a certificate for the purpose to avoid commission of a local Street Trading offence.

Legislation affecting Pedlary

Pedlars should be aware that in some council districts there is local Street Trading legislation that may affect pedlary.

Further Information

Search online - pedlar, pedlar's certificate, Pedlars Act 1871, Pedlars Act 1881, Markets and Fairs Clauses Act 1847 Section 13, or use the search bar on the left margin of this page.


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