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8 March 2012 - letter to MEP Sir Graham Watson PDF Print E-mail

8 March 2012

Dear Sir Graham Watson,

Further to your 5th March email to me I accept your invitation to liaise with your office and I am pleased to include a bundle I have prepared for you in reference to the Services Directive (the SD) and to the fact that pedlars have been asked by HMG UK to be stakeholders in the BIS department's consultation on Street Trading and Pedlary Law.

Having contact with allows me to pass on to you a synopsis of considered opinions about Commissioner Barnier's 14 February 2012 reply to your question about Criminal Sanctions and the Services Directive: E-012568/2011.

It is important and vital to the continued existence of pedlary in the UK that the recent history of how HMG UK has dealt with pedlars is clearly set out and seen to be one of continual misinterpretation and contradiction of the aims of the Services Directive.


At the SD transposition deadline date of 28 December 2009 HMG UK erroneously amended the Pedlars Act 1871 using a Statutory Instrument to introduce to UK law the Provision of Services Regulations 2009 (PSR2009).

That this law can be considered to be erroneous is as follows.

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