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21 Ferbruary 2013 - further Written Questions to MEP PDF Print E-mail


Pedlars further concerns & questions to MEP.

These concerns & questions have been put to and there is urgency in obtaining a reply as the BIS "consultation" URN12/605 is due to close March 15th 2013 and any complete answer to that consultation can only be made in knowledge of the EU Commission's approval of HMG / BIS policy intentions with regard to UK conformity with the EU Services Directive being dependent on repeal of the Pedlars Act.   

BIS claims to be meeting the terms of the Services Directive by repeal of the Pedlars Act in the UK.

  1. Are you aware of the exact terms of correspondence between HMG/BIS and the Commission that meets the claim by BIS that repeal of the UK Pedlars Act is necessary to conform to the EU Services Directive?
  2. Has HMG de-regulation of the profession of pedlary been harmonised with the Commission?
  3. Has this "deregulation" been agreed, ratified and harmonised by the Commission with minutes available? 
  4. Has HMG ratified with all other Member States that UK nationals acting as uncertified pedlars have free & unfettered trading rights throughout Member States? Please confirm that there are minutes of this decision as ratified.
  5. What assurance is there for UK pedlars when trading in other Member States that they will be free to trade with the minimum restriction?
  6. Is there a harmonised Form at Community level under Article 5 of the Services Directive?
  7. Is there verifiable acknowledgment by all Member States that UK nationals are free to provide services throughout EU & EAA member states under Article 16 of the Services Directive?


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