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History of Pedlars

This list of historical articles will assist researchers in understanding the nature and the activities of pedlars throughout the centuries to modern times. The activities have not changed though the goods and handicraft simply meet the needs of the times.

The notion that pedlars were traditionally only door-to-door salespersons is revealed to be wholly misleading - this misleading mischief is currently argued by proponents of bills to try to exclude pedlars from the streets.

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# Article Title
1 1699 - The Pedlar of Swaffham
2 2012 Tony Hawkins
3 1815 Parliamentary debate on Hawkers Act
4 1697 An Act for licensing Hawkers & Pedlars
5 1975 Pedlars in Scotland
6 1931 Sultan Mohamed
7 1832 James Macfarlan
8 1851 Glasgow Pedlar Hawkie
9 1747 John Lomas
10 1861 History of Pedlars


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