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Pedlars Press Releases

Pedlars are in the news, but the news is not all good for pedlars!

To hear slander and negative propaganda about pedlars you only need google pedlars or visit the websites of powerful lobby groups to see just how the media has been misled with a steady trickle of lies - for example try NABMA, & LGA. Then visit the newspaper articles reporting the same mis-information.

Pedlars have compiled some articles to expose what's going on - please spread the alternative view.

If you have a news item that pedlars should be aware of please contact us.

If you have experience as a pedlar of an incident with regulators please contact us


# Article Title
1 Press Release - 25 May 2016- Council misuse of PSPOs
2 Letter to the Editor - 27 January 2013 - Civil Liberty
3 Press Release 3 December 2012 - HMG prohibition
4 Press Release 18 January 2012 - person of the year
5 Press Release 26 January 2012 - ATCM, NABMA con
6 Press Release 23 December 2011 - Lords caution councils
7 Press Release 2 December 2011 - all street trading illegal
8 Press Release 17 July 2011 - 314 year old statute
9 Press Release 5 April 2011 - Dorset Police concede
10 Press Release 17 January 2011 - Mohamed Bouazizi
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My Evil Trade - Link to video








Advice on Court Hearings

Pedlars are advised to Appeal any and all convictions - ask for help

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