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Many fellow pedlars have written to thank us and some have asked how they can contribute to support our voluntary efforts. While our intent is to make information freely available, we do have expenses and welcome any support. Thanks!



Pedlars Research


The following research reports and Hansard debates will assist in developing a clear understanding of the issues for pedlars and regulators. 

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1 News Flash- Manchester Appeal - 19 June 2017
2 Is a CRB/DBS check necessary - 17 November 2013
3 EU Recongition of Pedlars Professional Status
4 Foodstuff - Article Update
5 Letter to BBC QI
6 Principle of the Pedlars Act
7 Pedlar Response to the interpretation issue
8 History of Pedlary 1697- 2011 - Addendum on foodstuff
9 Introduction to UK legislation - public-v-private Acts
10 2009 COW letter re pedlars human rights
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Advice on Court Hearings

Pedlars are advised to Appeal any and all convictions - ask for help

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