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Foodstuff Update - 26 June 2012

1    There have been some minor updates on earlier article for clarity.
2     Early in June 2012 sent BIS (government department
responsible for updating street trading and pedlary law) pedlars
proposed amendments to national legislation as a viable alternative to
BIS alarming policy to repeal the Pedlars Act. Subsequent pedlar
research has established that in respect to registration with EHDs there
are two categories of foodstuff namely ‘high-risk’ and ‘low-risk’.
High-risk includes fresh prepared foodstuffs and low-risk includes prepackaged
foodstuffs. Pedlars of low-risk foodstuffs do not require
registration with EHDs. Pedlars of high-risk foodstuffs do require
registration with EHDs. It is therefore advisable to check with your
EHD and obtain some documentation about their considered view of
your need for business registration. Such documents will be of use
when a pedlar is challenged by street trading or police officers. It is
important to inform such officers that they have no jurisdiction over
foodstuff trading and that the Competent Authority is the EHD who
apply the same rules and exemptions to all traders.


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