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Pedlars send enquiries concerning incidents and problems to for advice and response and whilst administrators are not legally qualified their responses are intended to assist clarification of legal and other points.

References, links & videos illustrate the diversity of issues that form the day to day of pedlary so send your information and or enquiry to add to the article titles below.

update 18 Oct 2013:

In October 2013 was informed that "there have been staff changes in the Consumer and Competition directorate at BIS and Paul Bland has recently taken over responsibility for pedlars and street trading policy [2007 Dennison then 2009 Branton & Onikosi et al]... he seeks detailed account of difficulties experienced by pedlars and is keen to engage with the pedlar community before finalising policy details". These articles have been extracted from archives with some details redacted and are published to inform BIS that the consultation to date has proposed no viable resolution to the many real concerns of pedlars.


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21 15 Feb 2013 - Pedlar questions MP on Third Option
22 7 Aug 2013 - Back-pack coffee
23 9 Aug 2013 - South Ribble Council on ice-cream
24 26 Aug 2013 - Police Scotland
25 4 Sept 2013 - Pedlars Certificate declined
26 19 Aug 2013 - Is my trade legal
27 14 Sept 2013 - Shoe-shiner pedlar
28 25 Sept 2013 - Vendor execution
29 9 Oct 2013 - BIS idiocy continues
30 8 Oct 2013 - What can pedlars do about BIS failures
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