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5 March 2016 - Chelmsford CSO ignorance of pedlars rights PDF Print E-mail


On 5 March 2016 reported a Chelmsford pedlar (Arthur) incident to



I got a call today from Arthur who is a pedlar and features in one of the pedlar videos I made recently for the Bishopsgate Guildhall series. 

He was peddling in Chelmsford and got told by a Community Support Officer that he wasn't allowed to trade. 

Arthur asked where it says that and he was told to look at the Council's website. 

As he was being harassed and was very stressed out, as well as being dyslexic, he was unable to find the documents immediately and the officer kept insisting that he wasn't allowed to be there, intimidating him all the while.

I even spoke to the officer on the phone but he wasted a good hour or two of trading time for Arthur. 

I looked on the Chelmsford website and sent the file to Arthur's phone. 

On Chelmsford's site it clearly states that pedlars may operate and use a trolley with wheels but the officer still refused to listen. 

Eventually, after all this, and threatening to call the police and all sorts, the officer returned later and finally changed his tune (probably after a ticking off from his superior).

However, he was being really aggressive and unreasonable and wasted a lot of time.

I thought you might like to know. He recorded the number of the officer in question - 71070 Mr Barley. It might be worth a complaint.






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