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Many fellow pedlars have written to thank us and some have asked how they can contribute to support our voluntary efforts. While our intent is to make information freely available, we do have expenses and welcome any support. Thanks!



25 April 2019 - Papers for pedlars to carry PDF Print E-mail


On 24 April 2019 pedlar Dale asked:

Hi, I would like to carry some printed legislation from the Pedlars Acts & the Local Government Miscellaneous Provisions Act. I am getting fed up with trying to convince officials who don't know the law, won't listen and are convinced they know better. I'm not sure what I should print. If it was you what would you carry? I look forward to your helpful advice. Thanks. Dale.

On 25 March replied:

When confronted you must be extremely polite… show copy of the 4 page legislation under which you are acting… ask if the person is familiar with the legislation… ask exactly what legislation prevents your trading activity… write down contemporaneous notes of the incident including the person’s contact details… suggest he returns to his office to authenticate your information… suggest that he also contact administrators at with any other questions.
We suggest you print the following 4 pages at this link:


My Evil Trade - Link to video








Advice on Court Hearings

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