PSPO's have no authority over pedlary

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Many fellow pedlars have written to thank us and some have asked how they can contribute to support our voluntary efforts. While our intent is to make information freely available, we do have expenses and welcome any support. Thanks!



Pedlars Lobby MP's
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If you want to contribute to the legislative process then your MP is the means by which you can achieve this.

It is your MP's voice in Parliament that makes a difference.

Pedlars are grateful to Christopher Chope MP, Ian Liddell-Grainger MP & Lord Lucas for their submissions in Parliament.

Make a surgery appointment with your MP and request a supportive vioce in defence of your liberty and continued freedom to be a pedlar.

Take a copy of our latest Press Release.

Write regularly asking what your MP is doing for you.


Click here to enter your postcode and find out who your MP is.






My Evil Trade - Link to video








Advice on Court Hearings

Pedlars are advised to Appeal any and all convictions - ask for help

twitter what's happening today and include #pedlary

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