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Many fellow pedlars have written to thank us and some have asked how they can contribute to support our voluntary efforts. While our intent is to make information freely available, we do have expenses and welcome any support. Thanks!



Petitions to Parliament

Pedlars are petitioning Parliament to stop private legislation promoted by powerful lobby groups such as the NABMA/LGA who seek legislation to restrict the rights of pedlars. They circulate slur & smear about pedlars in the media and are trying to achieve restraint-of-trade that forces pedlars to go only door-to-door. Other lobby groups seek to outlaw that activity. This could bring to an end a pedlar's historical activities and cultural identity in Britain.  Such would amount to a total prohibition of the cultural phenomenon of pedlary and is in direct conflict with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Some individuals have stood up to oppose such moves. The following Bills are lodged with Parliament in the current Session. Follow each link to view the bills and scroll down to find the pedlar petitions.

Reading Borough Council bill:

scroll down to petitions

Leeds City Council bill:

scroll down to petitions

Canterbury City Council bill:

scroll down to petitions

Nottingham City Council bill:

scroll down to petitions


Opposed Bill Committee House of Lords 2, 3 & 9th November 2011

The above bills were opposed in the House of Lords. Submission on behalf of two petitioners can be read in full here.

Verbatum text is available on line at the above links.

Extracts from the EU Services Directive - open here

Government Report 20 October 2011 - open here

Petitioners Proposed Amendments to the 4 bills - open here

Petitioners objections to the Hearing Process and Procedure - open here

Formal Complaint to the European Parliament - open here

HL Paper 242 - open here

HL First Special Report on the Bournemouth & Manchester Bills - open here



My Evil Trade - Link to video








Advice on Court Hearings

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