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Pedlar Legislation

The legislation that affects pedlars is divided into 3 sections to enable viewing of all Statutes, Case Law relating to Statutes and proposed new legislation in the form of Bills.

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  • Statutes   ( 34 Articles )

     The Statutes that affect pedlary are in date order.

    From 1999 onwards certain Private Bills beginning with the City of Westminster were introduced to alter the exemption for pedlary from street trading control. The same altered text runs through all subsequent Private Acts and remains unsafe and untested by Judicial Review. 

    Pedlars should be aware of these local Acts that seek to circumvent the national Pedlars Act. Each private Act is named and marked with - Restraint of Trade to identify jurisdictions where a pedlar may encounter incidents when trading.

    The government department BIS is responsible for ongoing consultation about pedlary and has found that ALL Restraint of Trade Private Acts are currently "illegal" under the European Services Directive and require amendment. As at December 2015 they remain unaltered.

    Pedlars began Petitioning Parliament against these private bills in 2007 and some 50 further bills were in the pipeline but have subsequently collapsed following Reading, Leeds, Canterbury & Nottingham in 2013.


  • Case Law   ( 15 Articles )

     Case Law provides reference interpretation by the judiciary of actual cases.

    We have produced for government a summary of 71 activities of pedlary extracted from Statute, Case Law and Private Acts.

    download this document... click article 1 Joint Reply from then scroll down to Question 2


  • Bills   ( 3 Articles )

     These bills progressed through the 2011-12 session of Parliament. All are private bills with identical wording similar to that introduced in 1999 City of Westminster Act and are the subject of Petitions by pedlars. Pedlars were due in Select Committee in September 2011 to object to the potential victim status that they impose on pedlary.

    The 4 bills below became Acts in March 2013 and the City of Westminster Bill was withdrawn by the promoters for the current session of parliament.

    A full parliamentary submission by pedlars of the case against private bills is available at this link:

    Canterbury Borough Council Bill - link to the bill and pedlar petitions against the bill

    Reading Borough Council Bill -  link to the bill and pedlar petitions against the bill

    Leeds City Council Bill -  link to the bill and pedlar petitions against the bill

    Nottingham Borough Council Bill -  link to the bill and pedlar petitions against the bill

    City of Westminster Bill -  link to the bill and pedlar petitions against the bill


    Pedlars have stopped some 50 other private bills from joining the bandwagon of piecemeal legislation reaching the statute book. Subsequent to the above 4 bills becoming incomprehensible Acts, the corridoors of power in government launched a co-called consultation in Nov 2012 but with a predetermined agenda to repeal the Pedlars Act on the most fragile of arguments falsely justified as fulfilling the aims of a European Services Directive. The policy communications with government BIS and are chronologically laid out at this link HMG Consultation.



My Evil Trade - Link to video








Advice on Court Hearings

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