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Pedlar Legislation

 The Statutes that affect pedlary are in date order.

From 1999 onwards certain Private Bills beginning with the City of Westminster were introduced to alter the exemption for pedlary from street trading control. The same altered text runs through all subsequent Private Acts and remains unsafe and untested by Judicial Review. 

Pedlars should be aware of these local Acts that seek to circumvent the national Pedlars Act. Each private Act is named and marked with - Restraint of Trade to identify jurisdictions where a pedlar may encounter incidents when trading.

The government department BIS is responsible for ongoing consultation about pedlary and has found that ALL Restraint of Trade Private Acts are currently "illegal" under the European Services Directive and require amendment. As at December 2015 they remain unaltered.

Pedlars began Petitioning Parliament against these private bills in 2007 and some 50 further bills were in the pipeline but have subsequently collapsed following Reading, Leeds, Canterbury & Nottingham in 2013.


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# Article Title
1 1697 Hawkers & Pedlars Act
2 1847 Markets & Fairs Clauses Act
3 1847 Town Police Clauses Act
4 1871 Pedlars Act
5 1881 Pedlars Act
6 1888 Hawkers Act
7 1938 Food and Drugs Act
8 1980 Cheshire County Council Act
9 1980 Highways Act
10 1982 Civic Government (Scotland) Act c.45
11 1982 Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
12 1983 Hampshire Act
13 1984 Police & Criminal Evidence Act
14 1985 Pedlars Certificates (Variation of Fee) Order
15 1990-2004 London Local Authorities Act - Restraint of Trade
16 1998 Human Rights Act
17 1999 City of Westminster Act - Restraint of Trade
18 2000 City of Newcastle upon Tyne Act - Restraint of Trade
19 2001 Street Trading Act (Northern Ireland) - Restraint of Trade
20 2004 Medway Council Act - Restraint of Trade
21 2006 European Services Directive
22 2006 Leicester City Council Act - Restraint of Trade
23 2006 Liverpool City Council Act - Restraint of Trade
24 2006 Maidstone Borough Council Act - Restraint of Trade
25 2007 The European Communities (Recognition of Professional Qualifications) Regulations 2007
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